Stargate Universe to be cancelled

Syfy channel, you know that channel that cancels more good shows the last couple of years. Seems to having a habit of annoying the Sci-Fi world. On top of that they also seem to be lacking manners. Gateworld posted that the actors learned of the shows cancellation via Twitter. Yes you read it right, Twitter. Not only was I at first baffled to hear that the show was being cancelled, but I had to pick up my jaw after I read the actors weren’t even informed.
Daren Sumner writes in his blog @ Gateworld six reasons why the show was cancelled. In fact, the show wasn’t cancelled due to the fact that the show itself was bad. Syfy seems to have a habit of moving shows around, resulting into less viewers. Lets be honest, I do not know what CEO is making policy over there but if you move shows around you can’t expect people to keep changing their own shedule. So, Syfy destroys a good show, we all get pissed because the whole Stargate franchise has been murdered.
Our advice: cancel your Syfy subscription. People with this IQ do not deserve getting paid large amounts of money.

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  1. This thing I dont like is that they are killing of the franchise the same way they did with Atlantis.

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