About us

In 1998 Starsiege: Tribes was launched being the first sci-fi first-person shooter video game of its kind. It was also the birth of the ^AU^ clan (Assassins United). Unique for in those days, the founding members were spread over the globe and joined forces. Their backgrounds were very diverse, but they all had one thing in common. Their love for this specific game and gaming in general. It made ^AU^ one of the biggest and most renowned clans out there.

The first era


The old clan leadership was mostly managed by ^AU^ Grog, who with the help of others like ^AU^ Chaz and ^AU^ Hajduk, managed to let the clan grow making it second to none. However, as time proceeded the fame of the ^AU^ clan become a stumbling block as the Tribes clans continued their warfare over various forms and echelons. ^AU^ Grog started to rule and enforce clan rules on a draconian way. The result was warfare with other clans, but also internal strife and the divide of clan members.

The second era


As rebellion rose not only within the clan itself, the clan leaders also started to strive. The result was that clan remained in a state of disarray. Because of this the clan lost its domain and servers crumbled. ^AU^ Grog started to impose dictatorial rule as a last attempt to save the clan. However, this was exactly the cause why the clan could not sustain itself. Members started to leave and join or start other clans. As an olive branch the website Clans United was started, in which the old ^AU^ database was saved. In the mean time the clan leaders started peace negotiations after a brutal digital war. However, in 2007 ^AU^ Grog passed away in real live and the remaining clan leaders decided to salvage the original ^AU^ heritage.

The third era

The rise of the phoenix

The third era started in 2011 when enough ^AU^ clan members were again gathered. All of them older and wiser, but still diverse, decided it was time to move on. Over the years they stayed loyal to their clan and wore their badge with honour. The original website was restored and the original clan members are back again. The third era is the era of restoration and transformation as the current clan leadership no longer rules with one clan leader but by the people.