Assassins United is back

Yep, who would have thought. Ever since Grog (who?) and I had mis-communications and he vanished into thin air for a year or so the domain was expired and I could not keep things up and running ever since he passed away. For those of you who didn’t know he passed away, with that said I would like to say nothing bad about the dead please. Lets close this chapter and move on.

All old bans are removed, all old members are welcome back and we need your help in getting this clan back to its former glory. We need new leadership and a new way of operating to prevent what happened in the past.
We have a Facebook page at: So feel free to signup there as well.
For those of you who want their old account back, try the retrieve password functions. If that doesnt work, email me. You can now change your username and clan tag whenever you want. The Clans United website is on a re-direct to this site as it was a holding place until I could get the domain back. And voila, we are back.